Spatulas and scrapers

Spatulas and scrapers

Made of stainless steel, equipped with strong and comfortable polypropylene handles, our spatulas and scrapers are versatile and suitable for different preparation and cooking processes. The spatulas assortment includes the following items:

Straight long bladed spatulas, mostly used in pastries for spreading and levelling creams and whipped cream or for mixing thick mixtures.
Those with short blades are very versatile and can be also used in coffee shops to prepare sandwiches.

Offset spatulas are used for levelling creams or whipped cream and move desserts and cake slices.

Cutting and serving spatulas (hamburger turners, lasagne turners, square end turners, frying spatulas, pie & cake servers) are suitable for flipping foods while cooking, such as hamburgers, crepes, eggs, or to cut and serve lasagna in canteens and self-services.

Scrapers are ideal for pastry shops or bakeries, used particularly to move or scoop doughs or creams.