Ethical Code


The Ethical Code adopted by ILSA S.r.l. is a group of principles and guidelines that is important for the company’s improvement.

This Code establishes a behavioural standard that regulates internal and external relations. In this way, it ensures a high level of professionalism and avoids behaviours that are in conflict with company values.

Following the Ethical Code standards, individual and collective behaviour of the employees and collaborators, business politics are respected and this consequently allows collaboration, social responsibility and respect for good business conduct.


The Ethical Code is directed to people who operate inside the company and who have contact or relations with companies that share the same values. They will be named with the term “Recipients”.

All Recipients have to know, apply, improve and spread the Ethical Code. ILSA S.r.l is committed to deliver copies of the Ethical Code to all employees and collaborators.

The company also requests an appropriate behaviour from all Recipients, as described in the Code.

The Recipients that don’t respect principles and rules of the Ethical Code, cause damage to the relationship of trust within the company.


The relationships between Recipients are based on a civil coexistence and on the respect of the principles of social dignity, without discriminations of sex, race, religion, physical condition or any other form of discrimination. The collaboration is based on loyalty and respect.

Every Recipient must perform their duty with balance, responsibility and correctness.

The company will ensure that it doesn’t employ people under 16 years in the production of articles or provision of services.

ILSA S.r.l. prohibits violent behaviour (verbal, physical or psychological) to all internal or external persons of the company.


The Recipients have to respect the following rules and behaviour principles:

  • Conflict of interest
    During working activity, avoid conflict between personal and company interests;
  • Respect
    Respect people’s dignity and keep orderly work places;
  • Gifts
    Don’t accept gifts or donations. Unless it is of significantly low value. It’s a violation of regulations in force;
  • Commercial relations
    Don’t undertake commercial relations that will violate norms, regulations or any form of unfair competition;
  • Confidentiality
    Recipients are not to communicate news, information or documents to any third party without specific authorization. All information is to be considered reserved and must not be divulged to any third party. In no way is it allowed to use company information to obtain personal benefits, direct or indirect;
  • Privacy
    Protect information regarding employees and collaborators learnt within the company and avoid improper uses of these;
  • Dignity
    Respect the dignity of each person. Protecting the moral integrity and guaranteeing equal opportunities;
  • Integrity
    Don’t use controlled substances or alcohol during working activity. Don’t smoke where is not permitted;
  • Procedures
    Respect procedures and regulations defined by Quality Management System and Health and Safety Management System;
  • Prevention
    Avoid every possible risk using prevention measures and protection instruments during working activities;
  • Development
    Allow to employees and collaborators to develop skills and competence with updating and formation activities;
  • Respect of the environment
    Respect norms in force regarding environmental protection during work activities;

Recipients can contact their own supervisor if they have doubts regarding the behaviour rules.



Employees and collaborators must inform and make the Code available to customers and suppliers who don’t respect the Ethical Code standards in order to prevent inappropriate behaviour.

Every request from customers must be satisfied with the purpose of obtaining maximum satisfaction through courtesy, education and efficiency.

The selection of suppliers shall be assessed keeping in mind the following aspects:

  • Quality of the goods and services
  • Prices of the goods and services
  • Supply of goods and services in line with the needs of ILSA S.r.l.
  • Respect of the norms in force regarding Health and Safety in the work-place


Offer collaboration towards inspectors who carry out checks for Public Administration.

The management regarding interaction with Public Administration is reserved to competent personnel.

Acts of courtesy are not allowed that may influence the judgment and prejudice the reputation of both the parts.


ILSA S.r.l. considers the observance of the Ethical Code principles an integral part of the contractual obligations for each Recipient. The violation of these principles will result in the application of disciplinary measures and eventual complaint to the competent authority.

Each measure will be proportional to the severity of the violation and always within the defined limits of the law.

The internal check system is based on a group of instruments and measures that manage, verify and direct company activities. In this way are allow achievement goals and the prevention of potential risks.

This system ensures the respect of the law, principles, strategy and company policy.

To provide adequate evidence of the information, every process is authorized and registered in appropriate forms.