Innovative and modern assortment of bartending equipment

To satisfy the tastes (and the styles) of all bartenders and experts!

The Mixage line offers an innovative and modern assortment of bartending equipment: from shakers to ice pestles, from jiggers to Moscow Mule mugs. You can find everything you need for preparing drinks and cocktails and for setting up the counter of your bar.

The equipment of the Mixage line such as the Cobbler, Boston, and Parisienne shakers and jiggers are available in the evergreen steel version, but also in the most current and trendy versions with gold, copper and black finishes to suit the tastes (and styles) of all bartenders and experts.

The selection offered in this catalogue includes all the essential equipment for the preparation of cocktails and also all those complements and accessories needed for organizing the service and the bar (mats, organizers, trays, ice moulds etc.).

Mixage Line, professional accessories for bars and clubs.

With the Mixage Line, ILSA offers cocktail experts an exhaustive assortment with distinguishable appeal, guaranteeing bartenders the possibility of choosing between classic and more refined and modern finishes.

Choose your “must-have” items from the steel versions and the gold, copper and black plated finishes.