Garcima, el placer de saborear la vida

Garcima, the pleasure of savoring life

ILSA is the official Italian distributor for Garcima’s paella pans.

Garcima S.L. GARCIMA, S.L. is a well known Spanish company located in Alacus (Valencia). The company as it is now known was born in 1979 and at the time was lead by Mr. Antonio García Campos, the third generation member of the family since his artisan blacksmith grandfather started the activity in 1920 and the one who lead the business definitive take off, developing new production technology, building a sales network and starting to export to South America.

Nowadays the business is professionally managed by the fourth generation and keeps moving forward aiming at expanding the production capacity and growing their international presence.

ILSA & Garcima

The collaboration between the two companies began in 2013, when ILSA obtained the exclusive distribution of the Valencian products in Italy.

Garcima’s assortment distributed by Ilsa includes a wide range of paella pans, deep pans and gas rings and is available both in polished and enamelled carbon steel.

Garcima paella pans are mostly manufactured in polished carbon steel since this material is particularly suitable for maintaining the temperature while preparing the paella. The products selected in the catalogue are also ideal for sautéing, stir-frying and making crispy fried foods.

The assortment is available in both polished and enamelled finishes and in the Pata Negra version that has a special thickness.

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