Professional milk jugs and holloware

The study and design of professional equipment for a better service

ILSA has always focused on the study and design of equipment created to facilitate the work of professionals during their various work tasks. Our worldwide production and distribution of professional milk jugs and holloware is a source of great pride and satisfaction.

Working side by side with the experts of the sector, over the years the company has developed 4 lines of special milk jugs for latte art, almost twenty models, reaching a creative apex with the creation of the first internationally patented series of milk jugs with two spouts.

ILSA’s commitment to supplying tools dedicated to the world of coffee does not stop at holloware.

Teapots & Coffee Makers

ILSA’s commitment to supplying tools dedicated to the world of coffee does not stop at the holloware assortment with its countless series of teapots and coffee makers that have been introduced over the company’s 75 years of business. The catalogue also offers complementary equipment such as tampers, non-slip trays and all the necessary items that baristas and roasteries need during a service

Paying tribute to Italy, home of espresso coffee, Ilsa has worked since its foundation on producing coffee makers that meet the needs of its customers so that they can have an authentic coffee experience not only at a coffee shop, but also at the comfort of their own homes.

From the classic but timeless espresso coffee makers, passing through to the famous Carmencita, we arrive to Ilsa’s real jewel, the Napoletana coffee maker. With its traditional method of coffee extraction, it represents a trademark of excellence for our company.

Ilsa has always been attentive to the novelties and changes of the sectors in which it operates. We are keen on continuous research and analysis of the most interesting innovations and market trends. In a world of constant evolution, it is essential to keep providing items that are always new and up to date.

The alternative methods of coffee extraction or brewing are becoming a prevalent reality in our country too. For this reason, Ilsa has recently introduced a selection of professional and at the same time elegantly designed articles specifically created for this sector