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18-22 October 2019 - RHO (MILANO) HOST FAIR



International fair of the hospitality industry

Pavillon Hall 9 - Stand N03 N09 P04 P10




Presentation of the ILSA-LE COQ stand at Host Milano 2019



Fiera internazionale dedicata al mondo della tavola, del regalo e del complemento.

Padiglione 3.0 - Stand G 80

Padiglione 6.0 - Stand D 45

About us


ILSA is the acronym for Industria Laminazione Stampaggio Alluminio, i.e. Factory for rolling and pressing aluminium. The first product bearing this mark is the typical Italian coffee maker called 'napoletana'; it is manufactured through high quality materials and improved through some changes. The founder of ILSA organises the factory by giving it a commercial technical feature apt to meet both the Italian and the international market, in particular the American market.
ILSA ideology can be summarised as follows: "Exploitation of the technical experience which has been accumulated and awareness of the market trend in order to renew tradition". ILSA constantly pays attention to evolution in technology and changing market practice. In 1956 production in stainless steel is started off and shortly ILSA gains market approvals.


The second generation of ILSA family runs the factory. The production is diversified. In 1971, ILSA starts the production in enamelled cast iron off and a wide range of items produced with high technology is available to clients. In some cases artisanal manufacturing is practised in order to achieve high-level quality.
Much attention is paid to foreign market by producing items according to the customers' requirements in the different countries. These years represent a period of success for the iron cast grills called "DIETELLA", a series which is still riding high thank to the latest productions.


The third generation leadership runs a well-known factory that aims to expand. Cooperation between external designers and the expert office in the factory have given birth to new and more accurate designed products.
The factory is computerised and invests in the exploration of the e-market potentialities. A web site on the Internet which presents ILSA and its products is a sign. In order to enpower the sales managing direction a marketing office is created. New technics in packing, moving, washing and storing are introduced in the factory in order to make the production and distribution process more efficient.
Now ILSA extends over an area of 14,000 square metres, 8,500 of which are covered, and has 40 employers. Since 1946 diffent aspects have characterised the founder and the successor's leadership: manufacturing, reliability, renovation with regard to tradition and attention both to final customers' requirements and to the great distribution. Hence the awareness of being a trustful trademark in the field of household articles and faith towards the single European market challenges and global information.